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COVID-19 Publications

Literature Searches

Elsevier has created a Novel Coronavirus Information Center that includes free access to expert, curated information for the research and health community on SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus) and COVID-19 (the disease).

Access a filtered COVID-19 and coronavirus search on Europe PMC, an open science platform that enables access to a worldwide collection of life science publications and preprints from trusted sources around the globe.

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies COVID-19 Rapid Publication Working Groups

The Institute has funded four new interdisciplinary teams working to produce rapid publications to address the challenges posed by COVID-19 and society's response to the pandemic.

UBC-authored COVID-19 publications

Below is a list of publications and articles from UBC researchers regarding SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 as submitted to this site. It is not exhaustive and will be updated regularly as publications are submitted.

If you would like to add your publication to this list, please contact us.

Academic Journals & Publications
Title UBC Researcher(s) Journal or Publisher
Addressing E-cigarette Health Claims Made on Social Media Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Nilanga Aki Ediriweera Bandara World Journal of Pediatrics
Immigration Detention in the Age of COVID-19 Efrat Arbel
Molly Joeck
Research Handbook on the Law and Politics of Migration (In Press)
Mega-COV: A Billion-Scale Dataset of 100+ Languages for COVID-19 Muhammad Abdul-Mageed
A. Elmadany, D. Pabbi, K. Verma, R. Lin
Eradicating the Pandemic of Violence against Women (VaW) during COVID-19: the critical imperative for health Farah Shroff
Isabelle Luzuriaga
Social Innovations Journal
Data Journalism and Misinformation Alfred Hermida
Oscar Westlund
Handbook on Media Misinformation and Populism (In Press)
East Asian Canadians, Discrimination, and the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19. Yue Qian
Cary Wu, Rima Wilkes, Eric Kennedy
Canadian Diversity (In Press)
COVID-19 and the Gender Employment Gap Among Parents of Young Children Yue Qian
Sylvia Fuller
Canadian Public Policy (In Press)
Use of the AIIR Portable Device on Containment and Removal of Aerosols and Droplets in a Dental Practice Sunny Li, Jonathan Little
M. Zabihi, D. David, S.Munro, J. Brinkerhoff, S. Kheirkhah
(White Paper)
Tracking and Controlling the Airborne Spread of the Flows Originated from Aerosol Generating Dental Procedures Sunny Li, Jonathan Little
M. Zabihi, S. Munro, J. Brinkerhoff, S. Kheirkhah
(White Paper)
Causal impact of masks, policies, behavior on early COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. Hiroyuki Kasahara , Paul Schrimpf Journal of Econometrics (In Press)