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Research Projects

Project Title UBC Project Lead External Project Lead Research Area(s) Funder / Program
Angiotensin and SARS-CoV2 virus entry Pascal Bernatchez Vaccines & Treatments CIHR
Anti-fouling anti-fogging face shields utilizing liquid-like omniphobic coatings for COVID-19 healthcare providers Kevin Golovin Equipment & Technology Innovations NSERC Alliance COVID-19 Grants
Anti-Thrombotic Therapy to Ameliorate Complications of COVID-19 (Attacc): A randomized, international controlled trial Srinivas Murthy Vaccines & Treatments
Anticoagulant RNA-based therapies for SARS-CoV-2 related thrombosis Christian Kastrup Vaccines & Treatments

CIHR Foundation Grant and Bayer Hemophilia Awards Program

Anticoagulation and Convalescent Plasma ICU Trials in REMAP-CAP Srinivas Murthy Vaccines & Treatments
Anxiety in International Politics During COVID Steven Heine Mental Health & Wellbeing,  Politics, Governance & Law
Artificial intelligence-based imaging platform for COVID-19 infection of organoids Ivan Nabi Equipment & Technology Innovations NSERC Alliance COVID-19 Grants
ASEAN Students, Social Support and COVID-19 Yue Qian Mental Health & Wellbeing,  Social Impacts
Assessing the impact of COVID-19 public health measures on young people Rodney Knight Healthcare Delivery & Policy,  Mental Health & Wellbeing,  Social Impacts Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Assessing the mental health impacts of COVID-19: A national survey study Emily Jenkins, Anne Gadermann Mental Health & Wellbeing,  Social Impacts

Canadian Mental Health Association

Assessment of practitioner needs for providing virtual maternity care Jude Kornelsen Healthcare Delivery & Policy
Augmented Discovery of Potential Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 3CL Protease Artem Cherkasov, François Jean, Natalie Strynadka Vaccines & Treatments Canadian COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding Opportunity
Back to Basics: A Sustainable Response to COVID-19 Eric Li Economics & Business,  Environment

Mitacs & Okanagan Lifestyle

BC COVID-19 Modelling Group Daniel Coombs, James Colliander Caroline Colijn (Simon Fraser University), Daniel Coombs (UBC), James Colliander (UBC) Diagnostics, Genomics & Transmission Dynamics,  Economics & Business,  Epidemiology & Public Health,  Social Impacts,  Vaccines & Treatments Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
Behavioral Intentions in Response to Norms and Expertise Kate White Culture,  Economics & Business
Belief Regulation; Values, Beliefs, and Behaviors Azim Shariff Culture,  Social Impacts
Best Available Treatment Study for the Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Catherine Biggs BC Children's Hospital Vaccines & Treatments
Billion-Scale Investigation of COVID-19 Impact on Human Communication in 104 Languages Muhammad Abdul-Mageed Culture,  Economics & Business,  Environment,  Epidemiology & Public Health,  Equipment & Technology Innovations,  Healthcare Delivery & Policy,  Mental Health & Wellbeing,  Politics, Governance & Law,  Social Impacts

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada Foundation for Innovation

BioID experiments to identify targets of the SARS-Cov 2 protease Thibault Mayor Vaccines & Treatments
BP_Survey_Covid-19; Hypertension Screening Diagnosis and Monitoring During Covid-19 Martin Dawes Healthcare Delivery & Policy
Building Resilient Rural Communities: Understanding the Mental Health Impacts of Climate Change Events and COVID-19 Nelly D. Oelke Nelly D. Oelke, UBC; Davina Banner Lukaris, UNBC; and Bonnie Fournier, TRU Mental Health & Wellbeing

IURC /Tri-University Partnership Research Fund – 2019/2020 Call for Proposals Regional/Rural/Remote Communities (R3C) Collaborative Research Grants