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Misinformation for COVID-19

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Culture, Economics & Business, Social Impacts

We aim to address the "infodemic" in British Columbia related to COVID-19. We attempt to understand the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours driven by COVID-19 misinformation in the BC population, and whether misinformation could be alleviated by more targeted communications.

It is essential to understand the local British Columbians' perception, attitudes, and knowledge of COVID-19 to further contain the spread. We aim to understand the misinformation "infodemic" related to COVID-19, as an unbiased understanding and knowledge of COVID-19 is of key importance to protecting people and their family members. In this research we will survey 3000 British Columbians to understand their knowledge, attitudes and reported behaviours related to COVID-19 misinformation and communication. The survey participants will reflect the diversity of British Columbians as we seek feedback from Indigenous communities, as well as ethnically Chinese and South East Asian communities. This project gives us an opportunity to assess our communication strategies while the crisis is ongoing and alleviating the misinformation around COVID-19.