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Physical activity and well-being during a period of pandemic

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Epidemiology & Public Health, Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our research will examine how physical activity changes over the course of the pandemic, what factors influence whether a person is physically active, and how physical activity interacts with well-being. 

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global pandemic that presents a significant risk to human health and social functioning. The purpose of this research is to examine how public health protocols surrounding COVID-19 (e.g., social distancing) impact physical activity and mental well-being.

The primary study method is a longitudinal, observational design. Participants will be asked to complete brief (c. 10 minute) weekly online surveys that examine their mental well-being, physical activity, and thoughts about exercise. A subset of participants will also be asked to participate in brief (15-30 minutes) interviews (via telephone or computer) regarding their experience with COVID-19 and physical activity.The consequences and impact of COVID-19 preventive measures on health and healthy behaviours of adults is unknown yet could be important for informing public health messaging and behaviour modification guidance – for COVID-19 and future public health challenges.

how has COVID-19 affected you?

Post date: 
Apr 6, 2020