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Urban Indigenous COVID-19 Response; Informing the COVID-19 Response for Vancouver's Urban Indigenous Population

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Epidemiology & Public Health, Healthcare Delivery & Policy

To identify gaps in the existing COVID-19 response and understand how the plan can be adopted to urban Indigenous patients, Vancouver Coastal Health-Aboriginal Health is employing a mixed-method approach to understand existing health outcomes among Indigenous patients and to engage key community members' around their perspectives on an urban Indigenous COVID-19 response plan. This will be done through: 1) expert interviews with key community stakeholders; 2) the distribution of an anonymous Qualtrics survey targeted at health care providers, front line workers, and other allied health professionals; and, 3) using the Vancouver Community Analytic Tool, a data visualization program developed by Vancouver Coastal Health, to examine health service access patterns and health and wellness outcomes of Indigenous peoples in the Vancouver Community region. All stages of this research are community-driven through existing community and health organization networks, with the overall intent of developing an urban Indigenous COVID-19 response plan.

Post date: 
Apr 1, 2021