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Access to High-Performance Computing and Storage

UBC Advanced Research Computing

UBC Advanced Research Computing (ARC) will provide expedited support for the acquisition and use of HPC resources, including public cloud, for research studies that meet the following criteria:

  1. Research involves drugs, treatments, or medical devices that may be effective in treating or diagnosing COVID-19 with an immediate impact on addressing the pandemic;
  2. Research that can assist in the immediate tracking of disease spread at a local, national, or international scale;
  3. Research focusing on optimization of healthcare delivery in the community;
  4. The applicant is a UBC faculty member; and
  5. There is a need for high-performance computing.

Researchers looking for access to UBC ARC Sockeye, an on-premise HPC platform or access to public cloud computing resources and credits are encouraged to submit a request here. The ARC team can also assist with meeting privacy and security compliance requirements using public cloud services

UBC ARC Chinook is a new object storage platform, available to UBC researchers by application. With an initial 5 PB of storage, Chinook is an integral part of UBC’s efforts to significantly increase storage capacity to meet the immediate needs of UBC researchers and supplement the storage resources available through the national platforms.

Researchers looking for access to Compute Canada HPC and CC Cloud resources are encouraged to contact, following the Westgrid Support for COVID-19 Research Projects guidance.


PopData BC offers CaraSpace, a safe, secure place for researchers to store and analyze their data while ensuring that privacy-sensitive data remains protected. CaraSpace is available to an individual researcher, research team or organization needing to store sensitive personal information (e.g. health records). This information must have been legally obtained and proof of the authority to store and or use the information must be provided.