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UBC Researchers in the News

Below is a list of media coverage featuring the activities of UBC researchers and their commentary on a range of issues related to COVID-19.

This list is non-exhaustive and updated regularly.

Article Title UBC Researcher(s) Journal or Publisher Publication Date
Dr. Pieter Cullis and colleagues win VinFuture Foundation’s first global sci-tech award Pieter Cullis January 24, 2022
B.C. strongly recommends post-secondary schools resume in-person learning in January Eric Cytrynbaum CHEK News January 17, 2022
How the flouting of COVID-19 restrictions by leaders damages credibility and trust Alan Jacobs CBC News January 16, 2022
New Westminster races to plant trees to guard against future climate emergencies Stephen Sheppard CBC News January 16, 2022
COVID-19: Hospitalizations in kids are rising with Omicron, but rate remains low Laura Sauvé Vancouver Sun January 16, 2022
Halting Progress and Happy Accidents: How mRNA Vaccines Were Made Pieter Cullis New York Times January 15, 2022
B.C. emergency services face rising COVID-19 cases, but many refuse to share data Sarah (Sally) Otto City News January 14, 2022
Thinking through Quebec’s tax on the unvaccinated Devon Greyson Globe and Mail January 14, 2022
COVID-19 tracking app HsingChi von Bergmann Sing Tao January 14, 2022
Experts question the peak of the pandemic HsingChi von Bergmann OMNI News January 14, 2022
Pfizer or Moderna for your booster shot? B.C. immunologists weigh in Kelly M. McNagny CTV News January 13, 2022
What's the difference between KN95 and KF94 masks? Stephen Hoption Cann CTV News January 13, 2022
Experts hope COVID-19 will evolve to be more like the common cold Sarah (Sally) Otto NPR January 12, 2022
This AI software nearly predicted Omicron’s tricky structure Sriram Subramaniam Wired January 11, 2022
Omicron's spread may boost collective immunity, but at what cost? Srinivas Murthy CBC News January 11, 2022
B.C. public health believes Omicron could sign end of pandemic Tom Koch Radio Canda January 11, 2022
Are vaccinated people getting hospitalized with Omicron? Your COVID-19 questions answered Anthony Fong CBC News January 11, 2022
Reality check: What is ‘flurona’ and can you tell if you have it? Michael Curry Global News January 11, 2022
Quebec wants to tax people unvaccinated against COVID-19. Can the province do that? David Duff Global News January 11, 2022
Vancouver area leading B.C. in child and youth vaccinations Ran Goldman CTV News January 11, 2022
Respirator masks are best against Omicron, but are there other options? Michael Curry CTV News January 10, 2022
COVID-19: B.C.'s pandemic visiting restrictions deny couple of 63 years a birthday visit Roger Wong Times Colonist January 9, 2022
As calls for better masking practices increase, provinces are divided over the use of N95s The Globe and Mail January 9, 2022
4th COVID-19 vaccine dose: What’s the science behind another booster? Horacio Bach Global News January 9, 2022
COVID-19: Nearly half of five- to 11-year-olds haven't been registered in B.C. for vaccine appointments Ran Goldman Vancouver Sun January 9, 2022