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UBC Researchers in the News

Below is a list of media coverage featuring the activities of UBC researchers and their commentary on a range of issues related to COVID-19.

This list is non-exhaustive and updated regularly.

Article Title UBC Researcher(s) Journal or Publisher Publication Date
COVID-19 etiquette: How to handle tough conversations and awkward situations Amy Hanser CTV Morning Live September 16, 2020
Ask an Expert: Mask Study Jane Wang Global News Morning BC September 13, 2020
COVID-19 is the worst nightmare come true for those battling OCD and hypochondria Steven Taylor Vancouver Sun September 12, 2020
Gail Murphy: UBC's research community is a critical asset in confronting COVID-19 Gail Murphy Vancouver Sun September 12, 2020
Canada vaccine deals criticized as minister affirms support for equal access Katrina Plamondon Canadian Press September 11, 2020
Is Staying Home Harming Your Child’s Immune System? The New York Times September 10, 2020
Could COVID-19 Have Escaped from a Lab? Shing Hei Zhan Boston Magazine September 9, 2020
COVID-19 is amplifying inequalities in the classroom Michelle Stack CBC Early Edition September 9, 2020
Tips on maintaining your child's social life at school during a pandemic Amori Mikami CBC September 8, 2020
Air pollution can intensify Covid-19 Michael Brauer Hindustan Times September 8, 2020
We are finally unravelling the mystery of what causes severe COVID-19 Josef Penninger New Scientist September 8, 2020
As schools in B.C. get under way, concerns over ventilation hang in the air The Globe and Mail September 8, 2020
‘Really Diabolical’: Inside the Coronavirus That Outsmarted Science The Wall Street Journal September 7, 2020
Smile... With Your Eyes. How Face Masks Made Us Rethink Communication. Steven Taylor Huffington Post (UK) September 6, 2020
What happens if B.C. re-enters a COVID lockdown? Psychologist says we’ll be OK Steven Taylor BC Local News September 3, 2020
How to tell if your child is experiencing back-to-school anxiety and how to help Steven Taylor CTV September 2, 2020
What you have to know about back-to-school amid COVID-19 Marina Milner-Bolotin CKNW Charles Adler Tonight September 2, 2020
COVID was already adapted to humans in Wuhan Shing Zhan The Naked Scientists September 1, 2020
How British Columbians can help control the spread of COVID-19 this fall Michael Curry CBC September 1, 2020
Health Matters: Supporting your child through back-to-school COVID anxiety Steven Taylor Global News September 1, 2020
B.C.’s top doctor asks us to shrink social circles again amid COVID-19. Will anyone listen? Steven Taylor Global News September 1, 2020
Why Scapegoating Is A Typical Human Response To A Pandemic Mark Schaller NPR August 29, 2020
Breastfeeding during the pandemic: what we know and don’t know Marie Tarrant Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News August 29, 2020
Reopening schools safely tied to other COVID-19 measures: B.C. model Daniel Coombs National Post August 28, 2020
Health care workers prepare for possible 'twindemic' this fall — a double whammy of COVID-19 and flu Steven Taylor National Post August 28, 2020
COVID-19: B.C. in so-so position heading into fall, but cracks are showing Sarah (Sally) Otto Vancouver Sun August 28, 2020
Fitness will become even more important as the pandemic continues Katie Di Sebastiano Now Toronto August 27, 2020
Is a bradykinin storm brewing in COVID-19? Josef Penninger The Scientist August 26, 2020
Cyberbullying concerns arise as students prepare to return to schools adapting to COVID-19 measures Amori Mikami The Tyee August 26, 2020
Has COVID-19 signalled the end of the American era? Wade Davis ABC Radio National - Late Night Live August 26, 2020
Back-to-School Michelle Stack CFAX August 25, 2020
The world's first fully compostable and biodegradable N95 medical mask Johan Foster Spice Radio August 25, 2020
Health care workers face stigmatization during pandemic: study Steven Taylor Regina Leader-Post August 25, 2020
Road to recovery post-coronavirus paved with green bricks Kai Chan Channel News Asia August 24, 2020
Flu, COVID-19 circulating at the same time will be a ‘public health concern,’ says doctor Ran Goldman Richmond News August 24, 2020
How our brains numb us to COVID-19’s risks — and what we can do about it Dale Griffin Seattle Times August 24, 2020
What happens when wildfire smoke meets coronavirus? Here’s what scientists know Michael Brauer CPR News August 24, 2020
Centralized virtual schools and synchronous delivery: How remote learning is shaping up for fall Marina Milner-Bolotin CBC August 24, 2020
Pandemic is creating anxiety where none existed before Joseph Puyat CBC Early Edition August 24, 2020
In B.C., the tone has shifted from a soft urging to ‘do the right thing’ to stern, fearful COVID-19 warnings Steven Taylor The Globe and Mail August 23, 2020
Is the pandemic really reducing rents in Metro Vancouver? It's complicated Tsur Somerville, Nathanael Lauster CBC August 23, 2020
Doctor 'thrilled' by mask mandate on transit, ferries, says schools should be next Anna Wolak CTV August 23, 2020
Lockdowns and a second wave? What the coronavirus pandemic could look like this fall Steven Taylor Global News August 23, 2020
Some people use fear, avoidance to discriminate against health-care workers, study suggests Steven Taylor CBC August 22, 2020
COVID-19: Victoria police issue $2,300 in fines as party crackdown begins in B.C. Joel Bakan Vancouver Sun August 22, 2020
Are we ready for a second wave of food insecurity? Graham Riches Are We Ready for a Second Wave of Food Insecurity? August 21, 2020
Will It Be Safe to Return to School? Jason Ellis New York Times August 21, 2020
In a COVID-19 world, which generation is coping best? Patrick Klaiber Forbes August 21, 2020
How our brains numb us to COVID-19’s risks — and what we can do about it Dale Griffin Washington Post August 21, 2020
Two Disasters Are Exponentially Worse Than One Steven Taylor The Atlantic August 21, 2020
Think COVID-19 is bad now? Wait until flu season arrives Danuta Skowronski The Globe and Mail August 21, 2020
Which province has the best back-to-school plan? Our experts hand out grades Jason Ellis The Star August 20, 2020
Feds extend CERB for four more weeks, announce changes to EI system Yue Qian Yue Qian, Sylvia Fuller Victoria News August 20, 2020
Big pros, few cons of back-to-school plan for B.C. secondary students, says expert Wendy Poole News 1130 August 20, 2020
Economic recovery? Release the Kraken Adam Pankratz Business in Vancouver August 20, 2020
Canada’s coronavirus patients getting younger as pandemic moves west Stephen Hoption Cann Global News August 19, 2020
Maskne — what it is and what you can do about it Monica Li Vancouver Sun August 19, 2020
Why Canadians need to keep moving during the COVID-19 pandemic Katie Di Sebastiano Georgia Straight August 19, 2020
Wildfire smoke increases coronavirus risk says CDC, as air quality warning issued for California's Bay area Jiayun Angela Yao Newsweek August 19, 2020
There’s no economic recovery without working moms Sylvia Fuller Refinery 29 August 18, 2020
The Unraveling of America: Is this the end of the American empire? Wade Davis PBS August 17, 2020
Wildfire season not over yet Lori Daniels CTV August 17, 2020
We crack open Dr. Henry’s model for taming the pandemic: A Tyee video Daniel Coombs The Tyee August 17, 2020
Our COVID-19 experience shows that dental clinics are safe Ben Balevi Vancouver Sun August 17, 2020
Coronavirus prevention crushed Australia’s flu season. Can Canada expect the same? Ran Goldman Global News August 16, 2020
Inside the multibillion-dollar race for a COVID-19 vaccine Heidi Tworek Business Standard August 15, 2020
As cases climb, backlogs force some COVID-19 testing sites in Lower Mainland to turn people away Srinivas Murthy CBC August 15, 2020
Biodegradable medical mask for COVID-19 Johan Foster CBC North by Northwest August 15, 2020
'It is like sitting on a cliff': September, schools, and pre-traumatic stress disorder in COVID times Judy Illes, CM National Post August 15, 2020
Burnout is a hidden COVID-19 crisis, and you might have it Ingrid Söchting Huffington Post August 14, 2020
Are Canadian doctors sending their kids to school this fall? Here's how they're weighing the risks of COVID-19 Srinivas Murthy, Emily Jenkins The Star August 14, 2020
Shutting down parks won't stop the rise in Mass. COVID-19 cases Lorien Nesbitt WBUR August 11, 2020
What will our cities look like after COVID-19? Erick Villagomez CKNW Jill Bennett Show August 10, 2020
Canada is funding biodegradable face mask filters that'll be made from Canadian wood Johan Foster Narcity August 10, 2020
B.C. COVID-19 numbers rising, but stricter measures from earlier phases unlikely Steven Taylor CHEK News August 10, 2020
B.C. is no longer a model for COVID-19 prevention — and getting back to that stage is not guaranteed Daniel Coombs Vancouver Sun August 9, 2020
Temperature checks and ‘deep cleaning’ aren’t good at stopping coronavirus. So why do we bother? Stephen Hoption Cann Global News August 9, 2020
COVID-19: 'Like finding the right book in massive library,' says UBC researcher testing antibodies for a treatment Ted Steiner, Horacio Bach Vancouver Sun August 9, 2020
How COVID-19 energized a new crop of political activists, community advocates Steven Taylor CBC Cross Country Checkup August 8, 2020
Canadian hospitals saw a sudden drop in premature births during the pandemic. Now researchers are trying to find out why Deborah Money The Globe and Mail August 8, 2020
UBC Okanagan researcher says Canadians too dependent on imported foods Joanna Taylor Global News August 6, 2020
Antibody testing results are rolling in across Canada. Here’s what we’ve learned. Huffington Post August 6, 2020
How long will it be until a safe COVID-19 vaccine is available? Horacio Bach CFAX 1070 Adam Stirling August 6, 2020
UBC researchers say mental health for marginalized communities will have to be watched before second wave Emily Jenkins CBC Early Edition August 5, 2020
Nationwide Mask Mandate in April Would Likely Have Saved Nearly 40,000 American Lives, Study Finds Hiroyuki Kasahara , Paul Schrimpf Newsweek August 5, 2020
The debate over masks today is a lot like the decades-long fight to mandate seat belts Steven Taylor CNN August 5, 2020
COVID-19 vaccine not a 'silver-bullet solution' to ending pandemic: top public health official Srinivas Murthy National Post August 5, 2020
32% of Canadians may hold off on getting eventual COVID-19 vaccine, survey shows Manish Sadarangani CBC August 5, 2020
How a small B.C. island can help us understand the role of racism in disease treatment Renisa Mawani CBC August 3, 2020
How close are we to a coronavirus vaccine? Manish Sadarangani Global News August 2, 2020
In sickness and in health: COVID-19 pandemic stress tests marriages of health care workers on the front lines David Barbic The Globe and Mail August 2, 2020
Researchers look for unique ways to collect data as COVID-19 changes methods Andrew Trites National Post August 1, 2020
Bringing the ant colony home: Scientists seek new ways to continue research amid coronavirus Andrew Trites Canadian Press August 1, 2020
Phone counselling service established during pandemic moves online due to high demand Lesley Lutes CBC August 1, 2020
COVID-19: Teach more classes outside during pandemic, say some educators Marina Milner-Boloti Vancouver Sun August 1, 2020
Park drinking over indoor gatherings? Experts say finding risk mitigation is key Steven Taylor Breakfast Television July 31, 2020
The virus that causes COVID-19 has been silently brewing in bats for decades Shing Zhan Popular Science July 30, 2020
B.C. chiropractor under investigation for letter to the editor spreading false claim about masks Wayne Ghesquiere CBC July 30, 2020
Under the sea: What coronavirus is doing to the world’s marine mammals Rashid Sumaila Global News July 30, 2020
Canadians have been less physically active during pandemic Katie Di Sebastiano CFAX 1070 Adam Stirling July 29, 2020
How to keep your skin as healthy as possible under that face mask! Monica Li CBC July 29, 2020
Mental health impact of coronavirus pandemic hits marginalized groups hardest Emily Jenkins Corey McAuliffe, Anne Gadermann The Conversation July 26, 2020
COVID-19: B.C.'s innovators step up to solve pandemic problems Elizabeth Bryce Vancouver Sun July 22, 2020
Jason Kenney gives tacit approval to Calgary’s incoming mask mandate Steven Taylor The Globe and Mail July 22, 2020
COVID-friendly sex guidelines getting noticed Lori Brotto News 1130 July 22, 2020
Filipinos in Canada report high levels of job losses from pandemic John Paul (JP) Catungal Vancouver Sun July 22, 2020
'A surprise to no one': Some coping better than others with COVID-19, research suggests Nancy Sin, Anita DeLongis Patrick Klaiber CTV July 22, 2020
COVID-19: B.C bar and club owners call for co-operation in distancing as pandemic cases rise Daniel Coombs Vancouver Sun July 22, 2020
Outbreak in Kelowna, B.C., forces 1,000 people into self-isolation Srinivas Murthy National Post July 22, 2020
We Asked Coronavirus Experts About Whether They're Taking A Vacation This Summer Rosie Redfield Buzzfeed News July 22, 2020
Boosting Our “Behavioral Immune System” to Beat COVID-19 Mark Schaller Psychology Today July 22, 2020
Henry adds new rules for restaurants, bars following two Tri-City COVID-19 clusters Stephen Hoption Cann Tricity News July 22, 2020
B.C. restaurants tighten guidelines amid new spike in COVID-19 cases Srinivas Murthy Global News July 22, 2020
Why COVID-19 home testing kits aren’t available in Canada Peter Phillips Global News July 21, 2020
Coronavirus: Do I need to wear a mask in the car with my mom? Tom Koch Ken Denike News 1130 July 21, 2020
Hotel association calls for deferment of 2020 property taxes to help industry survive Thomas Davidoff Vancouver Sun July 21, 2020
B.C. aims to clear backlog of 32,400 surgeries in 15 months if COVID-19 surge doesn’t happen Jason Sutherland The Globe and Mail July 21, 2020
How a Potential Treatment for the Coronavirus Turned Up in a Scientist’s Freezer Carl Hansen New Yorker July 20, 2020
While a majority of people in B.C. support wearing masks, those who won't are steadfast Steven Taylor CBC July 20, 2020
Lockdown fatigue, 'invincibility' causing more COVID-19 infections in young people Stephen Hoption Cann Vancouver Sun July 19, 2020
Coronavirus psychology: Why an ‘abstract’ virus makes recovery more complicated Steven Taylor Now Magazine July 19, 2020
There Is So Much More Than the Nuclear Family, Even Now Elizabeth Dunn The Atlantic July 18, 2020
LFP LONGFORM: Londoners' social lives are reopening again. Is that a good thing? Steven Taylor London Free Press July 18, 2020
UBC researcher says most getting less sex, not more, during pandemic Lori Brotto Castanet July 17, 2020
Pandemic baby boom is a myth, finds UBC researcher studying sexual health during COVID-19 Lori Brotto CTV July 17, 2020
COVID-19: Indigenous art kits designed to lift prison morale during pandemic Helen Brown, Kelsey Timler Vancouver Sun July 17, 2020
UBC researchers set sights on coronavirus antibodies Ted Steiner, Horacio Bach CKNW Jill Bennett Show July 17, 2020
Mandatory Mask Use Could Have Saved 40,000 Lives, Study Says Paul Schrimpf Bloomberg July 16, 2020
Study links good health-care in Canada to higher COVID-19 death rate Mahyar Etminan Winnipeg Free Press July 16, 2020
COVID-19: Uptick in daily cases worrying, reinforces need for continued restrictions, says B.C. health officer Sarah (Sally) Otto Vancouver Sun July 15, 2020
Call to support, not sack, junior academics as pandemic hits Thomas Schneider Times Higher Education July 15, 2020
Negative coronavirus test? Here’s why you can’t ignore physical distancing Peter Phillips Global News July 14, 2020
When a Pandemic Hits, Working Moms Pay the Price Yue Qian Sylvia Fuller The Tyee July 14, 2020
Coronavirus: Is it pointless to wear a mask with your nose uncovered? Ken Denike News 1130 July 13, 2020
Threat of second wave elsewhere is major risk for B.C. James Brander Business in Vancouver July 13, 2020
The long-term biological effects of COVID-19 stress on kids’ future health and development Michael Kobor, Kim Schmidt, Ruanne Vent-Schmidt The Conversation July 12, 2020
Expert warns return to lockdown conditions a 'possibility' in B.C. Daniel Coombs CTV July 11, 2020
The Mental Toll of COVID-19, and the Doctor Who Saw It Coming Steven Taylor The Tyee July 10, 2020
The role of the corporation in society Joel Bakan Financial Times July 10, 2020
Overlooked heroes: Low-paid cleaners are key to helping stop COVID-19's spread Reza Afshari Vancouver Sun July 10, 2020
COVID-19 has fostered ‘perfect storm pushing women out of their jobs’: UBC study co-author Sylvia Fuller Vancouver Sun July 9, 2020
COVID-19: Recent cases at Metro Vancouver businesses worry experts Stephen Hoption Cann Vancouver Sun July 9, 2020
For overseas Filipinos like Loida Ubay, essential work feels increasingly sacrificial John Paul Catungal The Tyee July 8, 2020
The pandemic is hurting Canada’s working mothers Yue Qian Sylvia Fuller The Globe and Mail July 8, 2020
B.C.'s slow start to summer isn't all bad news Jiayun Angela Yao The Weather Network July 8, 2020
This is not a normal mental-health disaster Steven Taylor The Atlantic July 7, 2020
New studies confirm bizarre COVID-19 symptoms Stephen Hoption Cann Yahoo News July 7, 2020
When it comes to going back to work, COVID-19 is impacting Canadian mothers more than fathers: study Yue Qian Sylvia Fuller CTV July 7, 2020
Coronavirus airborne debate reminder to stay vigilant: UBC epidemiologist Stephen Hoption Cann News 1130 July 7, 2020
Artificial Intelligence Powered COVID-19 Diagnosis Tool to Seek Lung Scan Images from India Savvas Nicolaou The Weather Channel July 7, 2020
Canada must keep the border closed until the U.S. can prove it has the virus under control Keith Head The Star July 4, 2020
Walking a 'tightrope': Bill Morneau and the path out of the pandemic economy Kevin Milligan CBC July 4, 2020
How psychology can explain pushback against mandatory masks Steven Taylor CBC July 3, 2020
Health concerns raised as Canadian airlines abandon social distancing Srinivas Murthy Vancouver Sun July 3, 2020
Drug trafficking could be putting ‘fragile fisheries’ at risk, study says Philippe Le Billon Mongabay July 2, 2020
Ordering, asking, or shaming: What's the best way to get Americans to wear face masks? Steven Taylor The Week July 1, 2020
COVID-19 Country & Canadian Province Comparisons Werner Antweiler July 1, 2020
Should masks be mandatory? It depends Tom Koch Global News June 30, 2020
Parents with children under 18 reporting troubling tolls to their mental health: survey Emily Jenkins News 1130 June 30, 2020
Coronavirus cases have hit 10 million worldwide, with 500,000 deaths. Where do we go from here? Daniel Coombs Stephen Hoption Cann Global News June 28, 2020
Why B.C. will be 'right on the brink' of a COVID-19 resurgence for months to come Daniel Coombs CBC June 27, 2020
Canada’s lost months: When COVID-19′s first wave hit, governments and health officials were scattered and slow to act Srinivas Murthy The Globe and Mail June 26, 2020
Reopening B.C.: Province's COVID-19 economic policies get mixed reviews from business sector Kevin Milligan Vancouver Sun June 26, 2020
Money spent on public transit could be better spent elsewhere Patrick Condon CFJC Today June 26, 2020
Survey reveals link between COVID-19 stress and mental illness worries Emily Jenkins Global News June 26, 2020
Testing for covid-19 using sewage Natalie Prystajecky CKNW Mornings with Simi June 25, 2020
Expert: B.C. 's decision to centralize power to fight COVID-19 necessary but likely unpopular Mahesh Nagarajan Business in Vancouver June 25, 2020
How aging increases vulnerability to COVID-19 and how pollution can make it worse Christopher Carlsten CBC Radio - Quirks and Quarks June 25, 2020
Canada’s proportion of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes top 16 other nations: study Roger Wong The Star June 25, 2020
How the pandemic will end Steven Taylor The Atlantic June 25, 2020
COVID-19: Measures to suppress pandemic may be needed for 18 months Annalee Yassi Vancouver Sun June 25, 2020
Latest round of modelling data shows B.C. must stay the course Sarah (Sally) Otto Global News June 24, 2020
The pandemic presents the chance to end homelessness in Canada for good Penny Gurstein Huffington Post June 24, 2020
UBC stress study seeks to help people prepare for second pandemic wave and beyond Joelle LeMoult Georgia Straight June 24, 2020
Couple used transplant experience to help navigate pregnancy during pandemic Gillian Hanley CTV June 24, 2020
UBC study warns wildfire smoke could make COVID-19 symptoms worse Jiayun Angela Yao CityNews June 24, 2020
Could the Montreal Neuro herald a paradigm shift in scientific research? Brett Finlay University Affairs June 24, 2020
UBC study seeks to learn if at-home workout apps improve health during pandemic Eli Puterman The Free Press June 23, 2020
Why doesn't Canada test all international arrivals for COVID-19 at its airports? Stephen Hoption Cann, Ken Denike, Michael Curry, Tom Koch News 1130 June 23, 2020
COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Emphasizes Canada’s Health Care Divide Richard Lester Huffington Post June 23, 2020
Canada needs a plan to rebuild itself. Let the transformation begin Kevin Milligan Maclean's June 23, 2020
The fight to ban single-use plastics has been set back years by the pandemic — but innovative new products are coming to the rescue UBC BioProducts Institute The Star June 22, 2020
'Optimism tinged with anxiety': What to expect from the next 100 days of COVID-19, according to experts Steven Taylor National Post June 20, 2020
What Can Be Done Before Disposable Face Masks And Gloves Become A Global Plastics Nightmare? Daniela Vargas Figueroa Vogue (UK) June 19, 2020
There’s Much to Learn from BC’s Back to School Moment Daniel Coombs The Tyee June 19, 2020
Fathers feeling closer to children thanks to COVID-19 restrictions: research John Izzo Global News June 18, 2020
Should wearing a mask in public be mandatory? Tom Koch Michael Curry CTV June 18, 2020
Pandemic may be contributing to increase in male genital injuries, UBC researchers say Jesse Spooner, Linda Lee, John Kinahan, Michael Metcalfe, Nathan Hoag CTV June 18, 2020
Despite calls, B.C. still not collecting race-based COVID data Farah Shroff Surrey Now-Leader June 18, 2020
Canada's COVID-19 caseload surpasses 100,000 Stephen Hoption Cann The Canadian Press June 18, 2020
UBC study looks at impact of exercise classes on seniors isolating during COVID-19 Mark Beauchamp CTV June 17, 2020
Why learning from home is an unlikely training ground for a post-pandemic world Katherine Lyon, Siobhán McPhee Maclean's June 17, 2020
COVID-19 Pregnancy Complications Deborah Money CFAX 1070 Adam Stirling June 17, 2020
Why the world needs viruses to function Curtis Suttle BBC June 17, 2020
What outdoor space tells us about inequality Lorien Nesbitt BBC June 17, 2020
Billion-Scale Investigation of COVID-19 Impact on Human Communication in 104 Languages Muhammad Abdul-Mageed Medium June 15, 2020
CEO asks employees to lie on timecards or risk job losses — violating labour laws Sylvia Fuller CBC June 15, 2020
Overdose Deaths Surge as BC Celebrates Virus Success Mark Tyndall The Tyee June 12, 2020
Can we really socialize again? How to do it safely Stephen Hoption-Cann Global News June 12, 2020
COVID-19: Poll, UBC scientist say mental health continues to suffer Joseph Puyat Vancouver Sun June 11, 2020
Why clean energy should be at the heart of post-Covid-19 stimulus plans Hisham Zerriffi New Statesman June 11, 2020
As we restart life in our cities, being inclusive is key Alexandra Flynn The Globe and Mail June 11, 2020
White supremacy in ‘British’ Columbia, and the China syndrome Henry Yu The Tyee June 10, 2020
Looking after our mental well-being in these uncertain times Farah Shroff Rabble June 10, 2020
Looking after our mental well-being in these uncertain times Farah Shroff June 10, 2020
Mini-organs push along COVID-19 and other virus research Josef Penninger Knowable Magazine June 9, 2020
Learning to live with others amid coronavirus-related disruptions to daily life Robyn Pitman CTV News June 9, 2020
Those COVID-19 masks, gloves and wipes we're all using are polluting land and sea Orlando Rojas CBC June 9, 2020
Early efforts by Chinese community to curb COVID-19 should be 'applauded', says B.C. doctor Peter Phillips CBC June 8, 2020
Density can work post-COVID-19, with good urban planning Patrick Condon Policy Options June 8, 2020
Lessons from Covid-19: how to ensure women get back to work coming out of this pandemic Farah Shroff CBC June 8, 2020
Effect of COVID-19 on women's work Farah Shroff CBC Daybreak South June 8, 2020
Envisioning the future of transportation in a post-pandemic world Michael Brauer Kay Teschke CBC June 7, 2020
Himalayan New Yorkers tell stories of COVID-19 Mark Turin Nepali Times June 6, 2020
Does the work-from-home shift spell the death of the daily commute? Alex Bigazzi BNN Bloomberg June 6, 2020
Return to B.C. classrooms as much about checking in on student wellbeing Wendy Carr Vancouver Sun June 6, 2020
COVID-19: UBC team using every tool in its science kit to get ahead of virus Natalie Strynadka, Steven S. Plotkin Vancouver Sun June 6, 2020
COVID-19: Front line nurses are concerned despite big boost in supply of N95 masks Mahesh Nagarajan Vancouver Sun June 6, 2020
Governance, not government, might be a better measure of provinces’ pandemic success Carey Doberstein The Globe and Mail June 5, 2020
5 green infrastructure projects engineers recommend to boost COVID-19 economic recovery Kasun Hewage and Rehan Sadiq CBC June 5, 2020
Coronavirus: The rise of anti-Asian racism during COVID-19 Carol Liao Global News June 5, 2020
Coronavirus: Canada’s supply of PPE won’t meet demand as economy reopens, trade expert says Mahesh Nagarajan Global News June 5, 2020
COVID-19: Next phase of easing restrictions could be around the corner Daniel Coombs Vancouver Sun June 5, 2020
B.C. firms reap protective equipment demand windfall Orlando Rojas Business in Vancouver June 5, 2020
Unionization at deadly care home signals change, says expert Bethany Hastie The Tyee June 5, 2020
Revive millionaire migration to cure Canada’s coronavirus economic woes, say advocates David Ley South China Morning Post June 3, 2020
The coronavirus crisis exposed gaps in Canada's social programs. Now's the time to fill them. Richard Johnston Huffington Post June 3, 2020
CDC wants people to drive solo to avoid coronavirus, sparking fear over more congestion and emissions Lawrence Frank CNBC June 3, 2020
Only one third of B.C.’s students return to the classroom, despite assurances Marina Milner-Bolotin The Globe and Mail June 3, 2020
COVID-19 unemployment could trigger more than 2,000 suicides in Canada, study warns David Klonsky National Post June 3, 2020
1/3 of women out of the workforce in B.C.: economist Marina Adshade News 1130 June 3, 2020
Burnaby grocery giant's temperature checks 'inaccurately high' Stephen Hoption-Cann Burnaby Now June 3, 2020
James Boothroyd and Stephen Sheppard: Transformers: Harnessing 'citizen power' for that other emergency Stephen Sheppard Vancouver Sun June 3, 2020
Old drug, new tricks: How an existing medication could reduce the severity of COVID-19 James Russell CIHR June 3, 2020
Northern light: How Canadian research offers hope in the fight against COVID-19 Natalie Prystajecky CIHR June 3, 2020
COVID-19: Second wave not inevitable, depends on effective restrictive measures: experts Daniel Coombs Vancouver Sun June 2, 2020
Will oversanitizing weaken my immune system? Your COVID-19 questions answered Bob Hancock CBC June 2, 2020
Mental wellness: Stay engaged to fight anxiety Anita DeLongis Richmond News June 1, 2020
Testing for COVID-19 in sewage could serve as 'advance warning,' help prepare for 2nd wave Natalie Prystajecky CBC May 31, 2020
Demand for online learning services soars during pandemic Catherine Rawn CBC May 31, 2020
How Filipino-Canadian care aides are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic Leonora Angeles CBC May 31, 2020
Copper surfaces can reduce spread of disease in hospitals: VCH study Ed Asselin Vancouver Sun May 30, 2020
UBC researchers developing biodegradable N95 masks from local wood fibres Orlando Rojas Vancouver Courier May 29, 2020
Coronavirus: Is it safe to swim in a pool, lake or the ocean? Curtis Suttle The Weather Network May 29, 2020
So where did the virus come from? Shing Zhan Wall Street Journal May 29, 2020
UBC researcher to study link between exercise, mental health among older adults during pandemic Mark Beauchamp CBC May 29, 2020
Alberta farmers struggle to find footing amid pandemic Jim Vercammen St Albert Today May 28, 2020
Alberta farmers struggle to find footing amid pandemic Jim Vercammen St Albert Today May 28, 2020
The Case for a Public Option for Housing Penny Gurstein The Tyee May 26, 2020
Coronavirus racism: Go back to China, attacker said, as he punched indigenous Vancouver woman who sneezed Henry Yu South China Morning Post May 20, 2020
Coronavirus and cognitive bias: The surprising reasons people cheat at social distancing Eric Cadesky The Conversation May 20, 2020
Koch: Our post-pandemic 'normal' should be based on the support and solidarity we are developing now Tom Koch The Province May 19, 2020
In the opioid crisis, young queer and trans men are navigating risk reduction on their own Rodney Knight Trevor Goodyear The Conversation May 19, 2020
What are the riskiest jobs amid COVID-19? New online tool measures B.C. job sector risk, reward Henry Siu Global News May 19, 2020
No More Business as Usual: COVID-19 and Climate Justice Farah Shroff Bridge for Health May 19, 2020
UBC team develop tool to gauge risks to reopening sectors Henry Siu The Globe and Mail May 19, 2020
Lockdown: Three ways to get your kids moving and away from laptops and phones Ali McManus The Independent May 18, 2020
Why attitudes toward mask wearing are quickly changing in Canada and the U.S. Toni Schmader CBC May 18, 2020
Lawnmowers roaring. Neighbours stomping. Stereos blaring. How the pandemic has amplified noise of daily life CBC May 18, 2020
Tight trade ties spark border business dilemma James Brander Business in Vancouver May 18, 2020
First Nations Asked for Help in Fighting COVID-19. They Were Ignored Paige Raibmon The Tyee May 16, 2020
COVID-19 has put a harsh spotlight on the anti-Asian racism that has always existed in Canada Carol Liao CBC May 16, 2020
Canada’s order for N95 masks drops by nearly 50 million due to supply issues Mahesh Nagarajan The Globe and Mail May 16, 2020
How the pandemic has shifted the way women are giving birth Saraswathi Vedam Daily Hive May 15, 2020
What Canada must learn from its flawed COVID-19 response to get ready for a second wave Peter Phillips National Post May 15, 2020
The Next Health-Care Crisis? The Patients Who Have Been Waiting Out COVID-19 Judy Illes, CM Huffington Post May 15, 2020
French social media law is another coronavirus blow to freedom of speech Heidi Tworek Forbes May 14, 2020
ACE2 variation may affect spike protein binding William Gibson The Naked Scientists May 14, 2020
Kenney says China must face ‘great reckoning’ for early handling of COVID-19 Paul Evans Globe & Mail May 14, 2020
Over two weeks after launch, Ottawa's wage subsidy failing to attract businesses as expected Kevin Milligan National Post May 14, 2020
COVID-19: B.C. research focuses on managing immune response in critically ill patients Cheryl Wellington Vancouver Sun May 13, 2020
Will fish boom amid pandemic-driven fishing bust? Daniel Pauly Mongabay May 13, 2020
'It's a very strong tool': First test to detect COVID-19 antibodies approved in Canada Horacio Bach CTV News May 13, 2020
How quickly should I wash my hands after touching a surface infected with COVID-19? Tom Koch Ken Denike News 1130 May 13, 2020
Is COVID-19 a chance to make homelessness a ‘one-time occurrence’? Penny Gurstein Cabin Radio May 12, 2020
B.C.’s reopening plan assumes people will make good choices. Will they? Azim Shariff Huffington Post May 12, 2020
The coronavirus reveals the necessity of Canada’s migrant workers Bethany Hastie The Conversation May 12, 2020
Beach bummer: novel coronavirus can live in water, but is it infectious? Curtis Suttle CTV News May 12, 2020
Pandemic offers once-in-a-generation chance to overhaul elective surgery model, doctors say Jason Sutherland CTV News May 12, 2020
When and how will the COVID-19 pandemic end? Tom Koch CTV News May 12, 2020
B.C.’s Reopening Plan Assumes People Will Make Good Choices. Will They? Azim Shariff Huffington Post May 12, 2020
COVID-19: YVR begins layoff in response to forecast massive drop in air travel this year Tae Hoon Oum Vancouver Sun May 12, 2020
Should you wear jewelry during COVID-19? Experts weigh in Harvey Lui Yahoo May 12, 2020
How B.C. aggressively 'flattened' its curve Eric Li, Tom Koch Kenneth Fung Macleans May 11, 2020
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65% of reported COVID-19 cases in Canada related to community transmission: latest data Stephen A. Hoption Cann Global News March 28, 2020
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Treatment for COVID-19: UBC professor among researchers looking for ways to help Srinivas Murthy CTV News March 23, 2020
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