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UBC Researchers in the News

Below is a list of media coverage featuring the activities of UBC researchers and their commentary on a range of issues related to COVID-19.

This list is non-exhaustive and updated regularly.

Article Title UBC Researcher(s) Journal or Publisher Publication Date
Some kids may experience separation anxiety due to COVID-19, psychologists say Steven Taylor Globe and Mail May 31, 2021
Pregnant Canadians with COVID-19 face close calls, happy reunions and resolve to get more mothers vaccinated Deborah Money Globe and Mail May 29, 2021
Many long for a taste of pre-pandemic normalcy. Here’s why others can’t bear to think of it Steven Taylor The Star May 29, 2021
B.C.'s COVID-19 restart plan welcome but couple postpones wedding again Heidi Tworek CTV News May 27, 2021
Yes, provinces are preparing to reopen. But it's not time to ditch your mask just yet, experts say Srinivas Murthy CBC May 27, 2021
Conflicted about stepping out of isolation? You're not the only one Joelle LeMoult CBC May 27, 2021
UBCO research examining how pandemics impact the homeless John Graham Castanet May 26, 2021
Nurses’ mental health Farinaz Havaei The Happy Molecule May 25, 2021
Children with COVID inflammatory syndrome may overcome their most serious symptoms Srinivas Murthy New York Times May 24, 2021
Will COVID-19 spell the end of cubicle farms and worker bees? Rebecca Paluch Globe and Mail May 23, 2021
Why B.C.'s summer of renewal likely won't look the same for everyone Steven Taylor CBC May 22, 2021
COVID-19: B.C. should proceed cautiously on restart plans; continued vaccinations key, say experts Sarah (Sally) Otto Vancouver Sun May 21, 2021
Shift Happens: Making employees get their COVID shot is a prickly proposition Anita Ho BC Business May 21, 2021
UBC professor Dr. Anny Blakney uses TikTok to provide correct information Anna Blakney Vancouver is Awesome May 21, 2021
COVID-19: B.C. study to probe lagging care home worker vaccination rates Julie Bettinger Global May 20, 2021
Countries are scrambling for vaccines. Mongolia has plenty. Julian Dierkes New York Times May 20, 2021
What happens when Americans can finally exhale Steven Taylor The Atlantic May 20, 2021
'No masks for the vaccinated': What the latest U.S. mask guidance means Steven Taylor BBC May 20, 2021
Canadian study to investigate mix-and-match COVID-19 vaccines Manish Sadarangani CTV News May 20, 2021
UBC launches COVID-19 vaccine study for pregnant, breastfeeding individuals Deborah Money The Global May 19, 2021
Test your COVID-19 knowledge with these 6 'true or false' statements Anna Blakney CTV May 19, 2021
As the pandemic takes a toll on mental health, options are available for those seeking relief from emotional pain Emily Jenkins Georgia Straight May 19, 2021
UBCO research team working to contain airborne disease transmission Jonathan Little Kelowna Capital News May 19, 2021
'Cave syndrome': Why some people may choose to stay home even after COVID-19 ends Steven Taylor CTV May 18, 2021
How Ashish Jha became network TV’s everyman expert on COVID Heidi Tworek Stat News May 18, 2021