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Brett Finlay


Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Michael Smith Laboratories

Research Specializations

I am serving on the BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee (SRAC).

The BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee will report to the provincial response Planning Section Chief Health Emergency Coordination Centre (David Byres) and provide information/advice that helps create a fuller picture as to what’s being researched in BC related to COVID-19, and what is needed. 

  • Committee members are appointed by the Planning Section Chief, Health Emergency Coordination Centre and MSFHR.
  • Activities include but are not limited to: monitoring global COVID-19 research activity; mapping BC COVID-19 research activities; understanding and documenting provincial COVID-19 research needs (including those across the healthcare system) as they are being defined; informing MSFHR in how it allocates its COVID-19 research response fund, and informing other organizations’ research efforts within BC’s ecosystem.
  • A deliverable of the committee is a provincial COVID-19 research framework that will be adapted ongoing.
  • The committee is strongly focused on facilitating research to inform an end to the threat of emerging and re-emerging Covid-19 epidemics.
  • MSFHR will serve as secretariat for the committee.

COVID-19 Projects (UBC Collaborator)