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Farah Shroff

Adjunct Professor, Associate Faculty Member

Department of Family Practice, School of Population and Public Health

Faculty of Medicine

Maternal Infant Health Canada

COVID-19 Research Area(s)
Culture, Environment, Epidemiology & Public Health, Food & Nutrition, Healthcare Delivery & Policy, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Politics, Governance & Law, Social Impacts
Collaborators Sought
Academic, Community, Government, Healthcare, Industry, Non-profit

Research Specializations

I am a public health researcher and educator with expertise in social justice and health and integrative health practices. I have been working on COVID-19 in the following areas: policy paper on housing and health; Canada's response: one statement with a national group and am currently writing a report card on Canada; mental health aspects of the crisis; women's issues related to COVID-19; climate justice and other "silver linings" of this situation. I have been interviewed in the media for various issues including: the need for more granular data collection related to ethno-cultural status; community based responses to COVID-19 and other illnesses and more.

I'm doing a presentation on Tuesday May 19 at 1pm on the topic of Integrative Health Practices and COVID-19. Learn more