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Nelly Oelke

Associate Professor

School of Nursing

Faculty of Health and Social Development

COVID-19 Research Area(s)
Healthcare Delivery & Policy, Mental Health & Wellbeing
Collaborators Sought
Academic, Community, Government, Healthcare
Areas of collaboration interest
Mental health, particularly in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities

Research Specializations

I am a health services researcher with a focus on integrated health systems and services delivery. Over the last 5 years I have led and been involved in research on mental health for adults 50 and over in rural communities. This research focuses on community-based services and supports for these populations. Over the last year, my research has begun to focus on climate change, climate change events and mental health given the frequency and impact these events have on people in rural communities. This work aligns well with the current COVID-19 pandemic as services and supports for natural disasters are often the same or similar to those used during pandemics.