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24-hr mvmt and wellbeing: Post-secondary students' adherence to the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Behaviour Guidelines

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Epidemiology & Public Health, Mental Health & Wellbeing

The Canadian 24-hour movement guidelines for adults will be released in October 2020. These guidelines specify evidence-based recommendations on physical activity, sedentary behaviours, and sleep across the whole day. Engaging in these health-related behaviours supports mental health in adults. Unfortunately, most adults are currently not meeting the individual components of the guidelines and students attending post-secondary institutions experience high levels of mental distress - including anxiety and depression. This study will use cross-sectional self-report data from the Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey (CCWS) to characterize post-secondary students' adherence to the 24-hour movement guidelines and examine associations with positive and negative mental health outcomes.

Post date: 
Jun 9, 2020