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Assessing the mental health impacts of COVID-19: A national survey study

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Mental Health & Wellbeing, Social Impacts

The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of populations globally. Indeed, the secondary effects of the pandemic, including rising unemployment and worries about the broader economy, housing instability, food insecurity, and disruptions in access to services and social supports, among others, have contributed to significant deteriorations in population mental health. Further, certain subgroups of the population - particularly those who already experienced health and social inequities - are more likely to identify mental health consequences of the pandemic. In the Canadian context, measuring and monitoring the mental health impacts of COVID-19 and identifying widening mental health inequities is critical to informing a coordinated public health response. This multi-wave monitoring study is being conducted in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

Post date: 
May 14, 2020