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COVID-19 and Caregivers of Assisted living Residents

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Epidemiology & Public Health

Our prospective observational study will randomly sample (publicly subsidized) DSL/AL homes across Alberta (AB) and British Columbia (BC). Our objectives are to:
 1.Examine the effects of COVID-19 and related DSL/AL home restrictions, on the types/amount of health and social care provided to older clients living in DSL/AL homes by key family caregivers. [Impact on essential care]
 1.2Explore whether changes in these care patterns differ across characteristics of (a) family caregivers (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity, income, relationship to older clients); (b) older clients living in DSL/AL homes (e.g., age, sex, functional impairment); and (c) DSL/AL homes (e.g., size, region, for-profit status, visiting policies, COVID-19 testing & outbreak status).
 2.Investigate the impact of COVID-19 overall, and of associated changes in care activities and engagement by family caregivers, on the general health, health behaviours and psychosocial well-being of these caregivers. [Impact on caregiver]
 2.2Explore whether associations between changes in family caregiver activities and their health and....

Post date: 
Mar 31, 2021