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COVID-19 Anxiety: Anxiety and Coping During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Economics & Business, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Social Impacts

Intervention study to influence employees' mindsets about anxiety and examine whether doing so may improve employees' well-being and ability to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plan to recruit 300 participants from the online subject pool representative of the adult working population, i.e., Prolific. After the baseline survey, we will randomly assign them to two groups. The experimental group will receive an article each week which illustrates the benefits of anxiety and write about a past week's experience where their feelings of anxiety helped them accomplish something positive. In the control group, participants will read about a neutral article and write about a personal work experience from that week. We will repeat the above weekly survey for four weeks, whilst also assessing their self-reported well-being and functionality at work. One week after the intervention, we will administer a follow-up survey to measure their post-intervention well-being and functionality at work. Taken as a whole, we will administer six weekly surveys, including one for the baseline control, four for the intervention, and one for the post-intervention measurement.

Post date: 
Jun 9, 2020