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COVID-19 Associated Venous and Arterial Thromboembolism (CAVEAT)

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Diagnostics, Genomics & Transmission Dynamics

This population-based, pilot feasibility study aims to identify the incidence and risk factors of arterial and venous thromboembolism (AVTE) in patients with COVID-19 who require hospital admission in the VCH Authority. A retrospective analysis of hospital records will be used to provide an environmental scan to rapidly identify the risk of AVTE and collect patient and laboratory characteristics. This project is an initial step to inform a provincial study to identify risk factors associated with hypercoagulability, predictors of the clinical course and potentially effective interventions that will reduce the incidence of AVTE and mortality. Thromboembolic events are the leading causes of death worldwide and prevention of thromboembolism is a top priority in the hospital setting.

Post date: 
Oct 14, 2020