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COVID - 19 Impact on Travel Demand and Transportation System

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Environment, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Social Impacts

This research investigates how COVID - 19 has affected individuals travel decisions including their daily and long distance travel. A web-based survey, COVID - 19 Survey for assessing Travel impact (COST), is designed to collect information regarding respondents daily travel, long-distance travel, and socio-demographic characteristics. The survey also collects information regarding the mental well-being of the respondents. This study will develop models utilizing this data to analyze how people have changed their daily out-of-home travel activities such as shopping during the outbreak of COVID-19. This research will also examine how individuals’ are adjusting their travel decisions, and their impact on the transportation system including transit. It will investigate how individuals have replaced their out-of-home activities with in-home activities such as online shopping. In addition, this study will explore the mental well being of the individuals after completing a travel and in-home activities. In the case of the long-distance travel, this study will focus on analyzing long distance trips that are completed and those that are cancelled during this unusual time. The findings of this research will provide important behavioural insights to assist transportation policy making for minimizing disruptions due to such unprecedented scenarios.

Post date: 
Apr 8, 2020