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MCN Post-Doc Research; Better Serving People with Multiple, Complex Needs in BC through Health System Impact

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Healthcare Delivery & Policy

The purpose of this research project is to better understand and address the health needs and service requirements of adults with a multiple, complex needs (MCN) designation under the purview of CLBC through health system impact. To date, CLBC has conducted extensive research on this population to learn about who they are, their specific health and social needs, and how best to address their care requirements. The proposed research project builds on CLBC's existing research and fills important gaps in knowledge related to the health of people with an MCN designation and effective service delivery mechanisms at intersection points with the healthcare system. In order to capture the impact of this public health crisis on the most vulnerable in a comprehensive and consistent way, we have added COVID-19 questions to the semi-structured interview. As a separate, but related component, we have also added 2-3 virtual focus group interviews (conducted via Zoom) with service providers about their experiences of working with people impacted by COVID-19. Our interest in adding COVID-19 questions to the semi-structured interview is to ensure consistency in the information gathered across participants in Phase I (between those interviewed pre-pandemic, those interviewed during it, and the participants interviewed moving forward). To date, 10 (out of 30) participants have been interviewed (seven before the pandemic and three during). The 10 people already interviewed (even if they were interviewed during the pandemic and talked about COVID-19 in their interviews) will be asked to participate in a second, brief interview guided by the COVID-19 questions

Post date: 
Aug 21, 2020