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Parent Discharge Experiences - COVID-19 Related Protocol Changes: Discharge Experiences of Parents of Children Living with a Complex Medical Condition

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Healthcare Delivery & Policy

This study aims to explore the discharge experiences of parents who have a child living with a complex medical condition. Specifically, the study will involve interviewing parents to discuss their experiences with the processes that occurred when their child was discharged from hospital to home. -Purpose: To explore the discharge experiences of parents with a child living with a complex medical condition in order to provide clinicians with concrete suggestions of ways to improve current discharge processes and practices. -Research Questions: "What are the experiences of parents of children with medical complexity when they are discharged home from hospital?" and "How can clinicians effectively support parents and families of children with medical complexity during the discharge process?". -Research Method: Qualitative methodology using approach of Interpretive Description. -Setting: Participants will be recruited within the Interior Health Authority boundaries. Study population will include parents of children with complex medical conditions. Methods will include conducting open-ended qualitative interviews with parents that are audio-recorded. COVID-19 Amendment (June 10/2020): Interviews will be conducted over the phone instead of in-person interviews. COVID-19 Amendment (July 8/2020): There will be an addition of two COVID related questions that have been added to the interview guide and may be utilized during the interview process to help determine if the discharge process was affected by COVID related factors or changes in procedure.

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Aug 21, 2020