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Safe Seniors, Strong Communities COVID-19 Emergency Response for Seniors

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Mental Health & Wellbeing, Social Impacts

We produced an interactive map that shows catchment areas for Safe Seniors Strong Communities Response Hubs by population of individuals aged 60 and over in the 2016 Canadian census according to Forward Sortation Areas, or the first three characters of individuals’ residential postal code, in Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria. The map presents, and in some cases refines, existing referral practices of bc211.

Consultation with SSSC Response Hub leadership was an essential part of the mapping process. The final visualization is a product of integration between custom spreadsheets, Statistics Canada data, ESRI’s ArcMap Geographic Information System, and Tableau Public. The Tableau platform allows users to interact with the map by zooming in and selecting the different catchment areas to reveal clearer information for each.

This project was produced in partnership with Healthy Aging at United Way in support of the Safe Seniors Strong Communities (SSSC) COVID-19 emergency response for seniors, an initiative funded by the Province of BC. It was carried out thanks to a paid internship for UBC SCARP MCRP student, Tori (Yachen) Lin, under the supervision of Craig E. Jones, Research Coordinator for the Housing Research Collaborative (HRC). The HRC was pleased to provide Craig’s time without charge to assist with this important project. The map is based on open, publicly available data, and can be shared freely under the Statistics Canada Open Licence.

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Post date: 
May 25, 2020