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Small Enterprise Emergency Financial Assistance (SEEFA) in response to Covid19 crisis

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Economics & Business

This study seeks to expand our understanding of employment and wage dynamics in informal sector firms in Ghana by studying how firms respond to the Covid19 crisis. We are specifically interested in job loss during the crisis, whether firm survival is sufficient to avoid job destruction, and how earnings losses compare across three groups of informal sector workers: firm owners in small firms without workers, firm owners in small firms with workers, and (non-owner) workers in informal small firms. This study utilizes two samples of small firm owners in Ghana from previous studies conducted by the PIs, and all interactions will be conducted by phone. The current proposal seeks IRB approval to conduct a baseline survey. We are currently fundraising for additional project activities for which we will request additional IRB approval. Those project activities will (likely) include (1) financial assistance payments to firms and workers, and (2) a series of follow-up surveys, also to be conducted by phone. More detail on those activities and the funding sources for them will be provided in future IRB application materials.

Post date: 
Aug 26, 2020