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Wuhan: Human Experiences During the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 Research Area(s): Social Impacts

We will use five waves of online survey, each four months apart, to follow a diverse sample of 8,000 adults who lived in Mainland China during the quarantine. The survey will evaluate respondents' mental health, challenges encountered, and community services received during and after the quarantine. We will use survey data to identify individual and community protective factors for mental health outcomes during and following the quarantine, thereby determining the course of mental health recovery and pinpointing the populations that need mental health services the most. This research will illuminate the feasibility of quarantine as a public health response to COVID-19, inform community and mental health service planning for post-epidemic recovery, and ultimately help to mitigate potential negative impacts of quarantine and the COVID-19 outbreak on individuals and communities.

Post date: 
Jun 9, 2020